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chef-server connection failed to rabbitmq using bunny protocol as user chef

I spent 4 hours troubleshooting the error: merb : chef-server (api) : worker (port 4000) ~ Connection failed – user: chef – (Bunny::ProtocolError) Turns out it was because the rabbitmq server hadn’t been configured for usage with chef yet. Somehow the chef wiki docs failed to mention this step in their CentOS install guide (perhaps [...]

Enable gzip for css and javascript to satisfy Google Webmaster tools

Today I was dealing with ruxable crashing over the weekend so I spent some time reviewing the configuration of the server. Everything is still incredibly simple (read more about the AMI and configuration I use) but while reviewing the Google Webmaster Tools analysis, I found that gzip compression wasn’t enabled for css and javascript. This [...]

Base CentOS 5 Amazon AWS EC2 AMI

I just migrated from a home server to EC2. I’ve created AMIs at my place of business and while the flexibility of creating a custom AMI is fantastic, the amount of time it takes is significant. When I went to start an instance to run I went looking for a public AMI as [...]