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Connect an Apple Time Capsule to an existing non-Apple network

I have an Apple Time Capsule (don’t ask why). I want to connect it to an existing wireless network as a client. Essentially, I want to disable all the access point functionality and use it only as a Time Capsule for Time Machine backups. Turns out, you can’t do it wirelessly. The son of a bitch will only allow you to connect to other “Airport Extreme” networks as a client by extending the network. It will not work with non-Apple net gear. The solution it turns out is to cable the the time capsule into a port on your non-Apple AP and then configure it as an ethernet connected client. At that point, it’ll DHCP properly, get an IP address, and you can disable DHCP and NAT on the Time Capsule setting “Connection Sharing” to “Off (Bridge Mode)” (which I think is also a technically inaccurate description).

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