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Use your credit card to pay your bills and receive rewards!

I’ve been using Bank of America’s bill pay for about 3 years to pay all of my bills online. They make it so convenient to just login, go down the line entering bill amounts and then submit the request. Boom. Bills are paid. It was so easy that I never gave it a second thought. That was until my coworker mentioned that he pays all his bills with his credit card. I had thought of this years ago but stopped doing this due to the hassle.

That night, I quickly logged into my credit card’s website (Chase). Aha! Online bill pay. Unfortunately, it was deceiving. What seemed like a bill pay system was really just a portal to each individual utility/companies online bill pay system. That meant separate user accounts, separate passwords, and separate actions to pay all my bills. Defiantly a hassle. But that’s where I am. The credit card rewards should make it worth all of the trouble. Now if only I could pay my rent with my credit card (and receive rewards back).

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